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Starter Hosting
The Starter package for Windows Hosting is perfect for those just starting their website, or learning about web development and design. It is perfect too for family websites, small portfolios, growing forums, personal blog and other smaller websites and applications with low traffic and storage needs. This is the perfect cost-effective solution if you are looking for Windows based Web Hosting!
$5.00 USD Monthly
$50.00 USD Annually

Personal Hosting
Personal Web Hosting Plan is best for customers who want to have a small personal website or a blog. If you are a student and you have just started learning web designing, this plan is best for you since it lets you start with a modest budget and enough resources.
$10.00 USD Monthly
$100.00 USD Annually

Portal Hosting
Our most popular Portal Web Hosting Plan lets you host and manage your own web portal with much ease and flexibility. Customers who wish to create an online community through blogs and forums can benefit from this plan with a very low budget.
$20.00 USD Monthly
$200.00 USD Annually

Business Hosting
Business Class Web Hosting is an ultimate and unlimited hosting plan for business customers. This plan allows them to push their business even further, cut the hosting bills and not ever worry over-usage fees.
$30.00 USD Monthly
$300.00 USD Annually

TeamSpeak + Windows Hosting
Get-it-all hosting for your clan, place of business, friends and family! If you require full web hosting + VoIP hosting (Powered by Teamspeak) this plan is right for you!

This bundle includes our Portal Windows web hosting package which includes PHP, .NET, MySQL, MSSQL, Email hosting, DNS and more! A 25 slot VoIP solution powered by world renowned Teamspeak 3 system!

Save over 15% when you use this bundle!
Bundle Deal!
$19.75 USD

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