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Greenfolders Hosted Server 9 Available


Greenfolders Hosted Server Solution

Let ASPnix handle managing and operating your Greenfolders server! We will make sure your server is kept up-to-date, hardware is replaced when required. A backup option is also available so that our technicians can restore files, folders, databases or even your entire server at a moments notice.

- 2x E5530 / L5530 Intel Xeon processors
- 4x 1TB 7200RPM SATA drives in RAID 10 (2TB usable space)
- Unmetered 1Gbps port
- Deployed within 24 hours
Important Note

Once your server has been setup and configured by our staff as well as Greenfolders. Both ASPnix and Greenfolders will require remote access to each computer that will require Greenfolders access. Both companies will schedule a date & time for this process.

A note on VPN usage

If you are not sure how many VPN Users you will need, you can easily calculate this by counting how many different computers will need access to the Greenfolders software. For example, if you have 2 workstations at your office, and 2 laptops for home or on-the-go access, that would be a total of 4 users.

Backup drive information

By default, Greenfolders will only create a backup of the database required to run the Greenfolders server and service. This backup does not contain the files and data that you have uploaded as well does not contain the critical information required for the Windows operating system to function. We highly
recommend choosing the backup option. ASPnix will install bare-metal backup software that will create a full image of your server every hour. If your server fails completely for whatever reason, we can restore within minutes to the last previous state.

Starting from
$127.50 USD
$75.00 Setup Fee
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