Email Hosting

Mail Relay

A relay server is a mail server (usually SMTP only) that delivers mail for a 3rd party mail server that is unable to do this on its own due to ISP restrictions, configuration issues and many other factors that may prohibit successful email delivery. Think of a relay server like a package delivery service, you have a package that needs to be sent to a specific location, you cannot do it, so you have this service pick up and take the package, run it through their systems to be placed on a truck for delivery to the final destination.

Hosted Email by SmarterMail

SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level mail server features for a fraction of the cost. With lower hardware requirements, superior stability, and reduced maintenance costs, SmarterMail has significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and hosting companies.
This package allows you to fully customize your Hosted SmarterMail solution to meet your needs. Customize your disk space, number of email accounts, email lists, email archiving and the number of ActiveSync enabled accounts.