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Are remote connections available for MySQL or MariaDB? Yes, for Windows shared hosting services our SQL servers are available to the public without any... Are your servers times synchronized? Yes. All of our servers sync to an in-house (local) time server that receives its time from the... Can I change my control panel account username? You will not be able to change your control panel account username. If you are a Windows shared... Can I use my own or custom MX DNS records? Yes, the control panel for your hosting account will allow you to modify or add your own MX DNS... Do you support fully encrypted email sending and receiving? Yes! All of our incoming and outgoing gateways as well as our primary SmarterMail system supports... How do I change my control panel password? Changing your control panel account password is simple to do and only takes a few moments. Follow... How long does it take to setup my new account? The majority of orders are completed and setup instantly (as soon as payment is completed),... How often does SmarterStats update my website's statistics? Our SmarterStats workers process your website's log files every 5 - 10 minutes. SmarterStats is... Is the MySQL or MariaDB event scheduler available? Yes! The MySQL or MariaDB Event Scheduler is enabled for our Windows and Linux shared servers.... The delete button on my domain is disabled or greyed out, why? A domain's "Delete" button is disabled if the domain has any assigned resources. Resources such... What DNS record types do you support? The following DNS record types are supported by our control panels... A AAAA CAA CNAME MX... What DNS server do you use? Our Windows-based systems use JHSoftware - Simple DNS Plus. Our Linux-based systems use the de... What are the SmarterMail browser requirements? For information on what browsers are supported by SmarterMail, please visit their help page at... What file extensions are not allowed to be sent or received through email? The following file extensions are not allowed to be sent or received through our email...
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