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Popular Downloads

File ASPnix WHMCS Module Requirements Test Script Used to test your PHP and WHMCS system to validate the requirements for a given ASPnix WHMCS module product.
Filesize: 23.2 kB
File PCI DSS Compliance Certification A copy of our current PCI DSS merchant compliance report
Filesize: 31.6 kB
File Outlook - Disable "Simple Account Creation" MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP!!! ASPNIX IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ISSUES OCCURRING FROM EDITING YOUR REGISTRY!! Please follow these steps... - Download this file - Shutdown Outlook if it is running - Extract and run the .reg file (as an Administrator) to import the changes required into your registry - Open Outlook Once the registry file has been imported, you should now be able to use the original Outlook account creation system.
Filesize: 378 B
File ASPnix Product Licensing System for WHMCS 7.9+ and 8.x (Build 3.2.4)
REQUIRED for all ASPnix WHMCS products to operate. Download this with your purchased product and extract / upload to your WHMCS root installation path. This now includes the ASPnix License Manager to help WHMCS administrators manage their ASPnix product licenses. This build is for WHMCS 7.9+ or 8.x ONLY. !!! IONCUBE LOADER v10.1.x NOW REQUIRED !!! Last Updated: 10/26/2020
Filesize: 136 kB
File Braintree Payment Gateway for WHMCS (Build 2.2.7)
Adds support for accepting Credit/Debit cards through the Braintree payment system for WHMCS. PHP 7.2+ required. Extract and upload to your WHMCS root. This build is for WHMCS 7.10.2 and higher ONLY. Last Updated: 03/11/2021
Filesize: 312 kB