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What are the ports for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP? Print

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Our email services support auto-discovery and most email clients will automatically configure themselves to the optimal settings available. However our email servers support connections over the following ports...

Protocol Security Type Port Number(s)
SMTP Encrypted (SSL or TLS) 465
SMTP Encrypted (STARTTLS) 587 or 25, 26, 2025, 2525
SMTP Unencrypted 25, 26, 2025, 2525
IMAP Encrypted (SSL or TLS) 993
IMAP Encrypted (STARTTLS) 143
IMAP Unencrypted 143
POP3 Encrypted (SSL or TLS) 995
POP3 Encrypted (STARTTLS) 995
POP3 Unencrypted 110


The recommended settings are in bold.

Most ISPs block port 25, so we recommend using an alternate port if you need to use unencrypted or STARTTLS connections.

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