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Can I change the name of a domain name? Once a domain has been registered, the name cannot be changed. If you misspelled the domain name... Can I host domains with special symbols or IDN-type domains? We do not support domains with special characters (such as _ or %). We also do not support IDN... Can I manage my domain's DNS records or create my own? Yes, both our Linux and Windows systems allow you to manage your domain's DNS records. You can... How can I check my domain's DNS configuration? Viewing your domain's DNS configuration is easy to do, we recommend using the DNS... How do I register a new domain name? Thank you for choosing us to host your new domain name! Registering a domain is simple and fast!... How do I transfer my domain to ASPnix? Before initiating the transfer, please make sure that your domain is unlocked with the current... How long does a domain transfer take to complete? Domain transfers usually take anywhere from a few hours to up to 7 days to complete, depending on... ICANN Domain Verification Regulation ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers requires domain owners to confirm... My domain has been suspended Please be advised that as of the 1st January 2014 it has now become a mandatory requirement from... My domain is registered with another provider, can I still host it here? Absolutely! After your order has been accepted, you will receive a "Welcome Email" that outlines... The delete button on my domain is disabled or greyed out, why? A domain's "Delete" button is disabled if the domain has any assigned resources. Resources such... What DNS record types do you support? The following DNS record types are supported by both our Windows and Linux systems... A AAAA... What DNS server software is used? Our Windows-based services authoritative DNS servers use Technitium DNS, an open source DNS...
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