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What is the refund policy? Are prorated refunds given? Print

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Refunds are offered differently based on the product or service that have been purchased...

  • Shared or Cloud hosting including Reseller (Windows, Linux and Email) is within 30 days
  • Virtual or Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers is within 7 days
  • TeamSpeak Servers is within 5 days

The refund period (days) is based on the signup date + days. If the cancellation request is submitted outside of this period, no refund will be offered. Pro-rated (or partial) refunds are not offered. Cancellations resulting from a Terms of Service violation also do not qualify for a refund.

The following products and services are non-refundable

  • WHMCS Modules (once the purchased product has been downloaded by the account)
  • Domain registrations, transfers, renewals and any other domain-related fees
  • SSL certificates
  • Dedicated IP address addons
  • ActiveSync addons
  • Backup restoration fees
  • Any custom work, setup or administration fees
  • Late fees

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