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Why am I being asked for verification documents? Print

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Today's world is full of credit/debit card fraud, compromised PayPal accounts and more. So to protect us, our customers, and the payment method owner we may ask for verification documents for various reasons. Such as...

  • Your order has been flagged as "high risk" or has a higher than normal fraud risk score
  • The distance between your billing address and ordering location is unusual or the locations do not match
  • We feel that the account details are false or inaccurate (such as your name, address or phone number)
  • High-priced orders

If you've ever been asked for your ID when making a purchase at a store using your credit card, this is no different. We simply want to be sure that all your account details are correct, that the payment method is authorized for use by you and sometimes our anti-fraud system does make mistakes. Once the requested documents have been provided to us, we will activate and approve your order ASAP.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our billing department.

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